Revitalizing Body Brush

Dry or wet brushing

The natural sisal cactus bristles forming Detox will exfoliate the skin to help diminish the appearance of imperfections while improving its texture and tone. In addition, the perfect size of the body brush allows you to hold it with one hand and perform a body self-massage, resulting in an excellent accessory to stimulate the cutaneous tissue and awaken the senses, especially if you are fatigued.

Size: NA



  • Prevents the appearance of cellulite
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Smooths skin texture (improving its appearance and surface roughness)
  • Increases microcirculation

Use DETOX on dry or wet skin before cleansing to activate and glow.

Massage by performing wide clockwise circular movements over the abdomen and smaller circular gestures on buttocks, hips, and back. Then, using long movements, apply ascending linear maneuvers on the body limbs; it is critical to focus on roug­her areas (soles, heels, elbows, knuckles, etc.) by performing small circular movements.

For “sensitive or reactive skins,” use care by soaking the skin with plenty of water before use and modulating the intensity of the massage using gentle and superficial maneuvers.

After cleansing, towel dry without excessive tugging; it is preferable to pat dry, avoiding skin irritation. Follow by massaging TOTAL BODY SERUM until completely absorbed.