Multitask Smooth Brush

Your makeup ally

Mini brush perfectly applies dense products onto the skin. Rounded, thick and soft, made of vegan synthetic fibers – mask’s, cream’s, and foundation’s best ally. It is ideal for a professional experience at home.

Size: N/A



Vegan, Handmade and Sustainable. Created from:

  • beechwood from controlled logging forests (handle)
  • solvent-free lacquer
  • recyclable aluminum (clamp)
  • medium, dense bristles made of vegan synthetic fibers

Collect or deposit the product directly onto the brush; then, spread it on the skin with firm and longitudinal gestures. Suitable for professional and home use. The application of products with a brush improves their performance by ensuring no product is wasted on the hands.

Cleaning instructions:

Lather the brush using a mild cleanser and rinse it carefully with water for perfect hygiene. Place the bristles downwards to prevent the glue from getting wet and falling out. Dry naturally.