Angled Brush

Precision outlining & buffing

Its flat, angled shape and firm, compact fibres allow you to apply pigment very precisely. It is the perfect design for outlining lips, eyes and eyebrows and is also ideal for more precise blending in small areas.

Size: N/A



Flattened shape and angled tip – Ideal for precise outlining and buffing.

High quality brush created from:

  • beech wood from sustainable forests (handle)
  • solvent-free lacquer
  • recyclable aluminum (clamp)
  • Ultra-soft and compact synthetic hair fibers cut on the bias

Practical size for your make-up bag.

Made in Europe. Vegan.

For shading, blending, buffing and distributing pigment

Clean periodically with mild soap and water, rinse well and allow to dry flat on paper or a towel to avoid distortion.

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