Restoring Night Treatment

Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘beauty sleep’.

While you rest your skin cells are able to focus on repair and regeneration, ¨undoing¨ the day’s damage while accelerating the creation of collagen and elastin that keep the skin smooth, supple while firming and lifting, so you wake up with a radiant complexion, plumped, toned, nourished and glowing.

Your skin behaves differently at night, it has its own kind of circadian rhythm – 24-hour cycles. The regeneration of skin cells happens much more quickly at night. Sleep not only allows for your body to rest after a long day, but your skin also uses this time to repair itself. Night is the best time to treat skin and repair concerns such as water loss, skin aging and dark spots.

Set includes PRODIGY OIL & SUBLIME CREAM, the perfect combo to increase the lipid content and regenerating effect of the active ingredients, plus MINI BRUSH for the perfect application.

3-piece set


Use the palm of your hand or a small bowl to mix the desired amount of Sublime Cream with a couple of drops of Prodigy Oil. Blend with the Mini Brush.

Apply on cleansed, dry skin by performing a Tranquility Brush Ritual. With the Mini Brush, perform slow gentle strokes, while applying the restoring mixture (sublime cream + prodigy oil) to the skin. Use a very light pressure to activate sensorial receptors that help to de-stress, while improving microcirculation and enhancing skin vitality for a more well-rested and radiant complexion.

Apply from the base of the neck to the tip of the chin and take any excess cream and massage over the décolleté.

Leave it to work overnight and wakeup with a radiant complexion, rediscovering the glow of a well rested, and rejuvenated skin.

SUBLIME CREAM infused with 7 Advanced Molecular Factors to rejuvenate the skin with:

molecular design peptides to improve face architecture (lifting & plumping) while providing powerful antioxidant benefits;

marine biotech ingredients to reinforce the skin barrier, protect from blue light pollution and decrease vascular imperfections;

orthomolecular aactives to calm stressed skin, optimize water reserves, and help repair damage.

  • Instant improvement to skin texture & tone
  • Digital antiaging & pollution protection
  • Restores firmness and a youthful density
  • Intensely hydrates and smoothes wrinkles


PRODIGY OIL melts into the skin like a nourishing caress while its aromachological properties provide immediate well-being.

Inspired by tissue engineering multi-level action. It’s geometrical formula incorporates 17 advanced bioactives broken down into three distinct levels to achieve exceptional performance:

the molecular level – regenerative bioactives including a next-generation double action retinoid;

the lipidic level – oleic bioactives including 7 botanical oils;

the emotional level – 6 essential oils to activate the skin-brain connection.

  • Nourishes
  • Rejuvenates
  • Evens the tone
  • Soothes
  • Protects

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