Ultra Cleanser

Complete Gel-to-Milk Refiner


A 3-in-1 multifunction oil-gel solution that gently and effectively cleanses, renews and brightens the skin. Its anhydrous formula for face and body is designed to remove makeup and impurities with liquid crystal structures, increase cell renewal and polish skin texture thanks to a fine pearl powder, and enhance the skin’s silkiness and luminosity through omega fatty acids.

ULTRA CLEANSER’s gel-like texture transforms into a milk, allowing you to either use as a daily cleanser and gentle exfoliator, or as a more intense exfoliator.

200 ml / 6.8 oz


Daily Cleanser and Gentle Exfoliation

Using your hands, gently apply ULTRA CLEANSER onto your skin, then add water and massage gently until it becomes a milky texture.  Remove thoroughly with water and dry.


Intense Exfoliation

Apply a thin layer of ULTRA CLEANSER onto skin and massage gently using your fingers or a brush, focusing on rougher areas.  Then modulate the exfoliating intensity by adding a few drops of water and perform gentle circular movements.  Rinse thoroughly and dry. Note: For eye contour area – massage VERY GENTLY without applying too much pressure.

Application Tips by @lifeofkellydawn.

  • Removes makeup and impurities
  • Increases cell renewal
  • Polishes skin texture
  • Leaves skin silky and luminous