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Chapter 4: Post-Holiday Euphoria

Chapter 4: Post-Holiday Euphoria

After spending weeks with my family…I feel refreshed, motivated, and inspired…to take care of myself and everyone around me. I think many of us take in the generosity of the season and want to share the positive spirit. Ever since I was a young girl in Valencia, the holidays were always a time of family togetherness, and since I’ve had children of my own, it’s always the warmest time of the year, even if it’s snowing where we are. Yes, it’s about the food, the laughter, the long walks and the games…yes, it’s a time of beautiful contradiction that revs me up for the New Year.  

One minute I’m cozy in my pajamas with my children and the next I’m backless in a dress at a party. One minute I’m at a pre-holiday dinner with all our friends and the next I’m back in pajamas again with my husband waiting up for the kids. The pampering…before and after…that’s the common denominator.

My daughter and I were talking the other night (just before she went home to London) and our banter was quite revealing in terms of our favored beauty rituals. 

Our New Year’s revelations:

We love doing the Stellar Mask together and seeing who peels off the mask in one piece with no residue. She’s a pro…and wins most of time:) 

Alle has inherited my love for self-care and passion for everything “beauty.” It’s great to see how she takes care of herself. New generations are so much more aware of health, beauty and well-being. There’s no question that no matter what generation you come from, odds are the game of beauty will boost your confidence. The littlest things make a difference—a touch of color on your cheek, a swipe of concealer, even just moisturizing before bed.

Here are a few of our favorite plays:

  • Alle wears makeup most days, Instant Perfector and Instant Colour with a bit of mascara and eyeliner. 
  • I’m all about skincare and some Instant Colour to get that healthy fresh look—I tend to use Rose or Terra depending on the mood.
  • I like to wear Instant Perfector just in the areas that need it or a quick spray of Colour Shield Face to even my skin tone in seconds. I’m all about quick fixes. If I spend 5 minutes applying makeup I don’t know what else to do …I take much more time with the skincare routine. 
  • We both use Instant Lip Balm all day long! My daughter has also inherited my lip balm “mania." I love that super hydrated feeling on my lips at all times.
  • I like a short dress, she bares her midriff…because she can.  I like to apply body cream every day before bed time, Alle prefers to do so in the mornings.
  • We both use Colour Shield Body…Alle wears the Glow sometimes. And I wear Colour Shield every time I wear a dress or skirt. It makes me feel polished and pulls my look together like an invisible accessory.  
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